Jeremy is an enthusiastic therapist with a spectrum of modality training ranging from Eastern through Western styles of body work.  He Graduated from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine(Illinois Campus) with a degree in Holistic Healing in Oriental Medicine.  Jeremy is continually refining his skills through advanced training and educational courses.  His professional training and intuition allow him to curtail individualized treatments to benefit his clients.

Massage Service

Jeremy's services are strictly professional and each session is approached as a treatment with the end goal of assisted healing for the body.  Whether you have a kink in your neck, your lower back is bothering you or you have general muscle tightness, Jeremy's unique style of body work is approached with the intent of assisted healing.  Massage Treatments are medium to firm in pressure and if you prefer light touch treatments He will gladly give you a professional recommendation as his style tends to err on the firmer side of the spectrum.  This is stated not to defer clients but to ensure that you are receiving the best experience for your body.  

Professional Care


Massage/Bodywork should not be construed as a substitute for medical examination, diagnosis or treatment. Physician, chiropractic, or other qualified medical specialist should be sought out for mental or physical ailments. Massage/bodywork practitioners are not qualified to perform spinal or skeletal adjustments, diagnose, prescribe or treat any physical or mental illness.

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Jeremy attended Pacific College of Oriental Medicine at the Chicago Illinois campus.  PCOM specializes in incorporating Eastern medicine modality training and medical concepts into Western massage classes.  Jeremy received his massage licensure as well as his Associates in Holistic Healing in Oriental Medicine.  Jeremy has been practicing since 2014,with each year of practice he finds himself integrating multiple modality education during each treatment session.

Jeremy has also received his Certification in Medical Massage. 

Medical Massage is a very specific form of Manual Therapy which is used for assisting the body in healing from a Medical diagnosis accompanied by a Perscription. 

Choosing Your Massage


Choosing a Massage Therapist and the best style of massage/massage combination to accommodate your personal preferences is a difficult and potentially confusing process.  If you have any questions pertaining to what professional services that are provided to best suite your ailments feel free to e-mail ( with questions.  If for any reason your request cannot be accommodated, Jeremy will attempt to supply a professional recommendation.

Below are a list of circumstances that may require an additional e-mail prior to booking an appointment.

Pre-Natal (Jeremy is not certified and cannot accommodate Pregnancy massages)


Pre/Post Surgery

Recent Injury

Uncontrolled Diabetes

Uncontrolled High Blood Pressure

Modality Traning and Experience


Jeremy has Training in many different modality which gives him the ability to  curtail the perfect massage to accommodate your body and  presentation during your session.  All massages provided are a combination of some or all of the listed modalities.




Cranial Sacral (Upledger Level 1 &2)

Cupping (silicone and pneumatic)

Deep Tissue

Manual Therapy







Trigger Point

Tui Na

Massage Opitons

Exclusive Massage

This is not your typical Swedish Style massage. Though I am capable of offering a relaxing massage I usually approach massage for treatment of specific ailments in combination with full body (90 or 60 minutes) or partial body  (60 minutes) treatment. Jeremy utilizes a combination of modalities best suited to your needs, we will discuss your focus areas and together we will determine which pressure will best benefit your body.

My body treatments are not lite in pressure, however I allow my intuition  and your body's reception to guide me in establishing the perfect pressure to best achieve the results your body needs. 


Sports Massage

Sports Massage combines deep to med-deep pressure massage with trigger point therapy, stretching, Thai and some clinical applications with the purpose of preparing or repairing your muscles for a variety of events ranging from your standard gym work out, cycling or marathon/triathlon training and more.

Pre-event work:  I recommend this option to help your body reach it's maximum performance capabilities.

Post recovery work: I recommend you allow your muscles a day or few to begin the healing process so we don't irritate already inflamed tissue.

Medical Massage

Medical Massage is a form of Manual Therapy meant for the treatment of very specific areas.  This form of massage can only be booked with a doctors prescription.  

**To receive Medical massage you must meet very specific requirements.  These Appointments must be booked well in advance and may require some consultation time.  Specific information is required for medical billing and insurance acceptance.  Communication is required before you will be accepted as a Medical Massage client.

Massage Options Continued

Chiropractic/Clinical Referral

Chiropractic Referral is an option for receiving clinical work.  This option is to be used in conjunction with  chiropractic work and can be extremely beneficial in assisting with physical recovery.  

Avalon Chiropractic Care and Chiropractic for Life provider referrals accepted upon confirmation of client status.


In addition to your selected style of body work, you may choose to have cupping utilized during your treatment.  Cupping can be used in multiple different ways for treatment.  Sliding cupping can be incorporated as well as stationary cups.  Cups can leave marks on the body which can be pinkish to darker purple in color depending on the amount of stagnation in the working area.  Darker color may not resolve over night and may be visible up to 10 days, please keep this in mind if you request cupping as an additional service.


Aromatherapy may be included in your massage. There are many beneficial topical uses for Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.  Properties of EO's include support for; relaxation, mood, immune system, hormonal, digestion and mental.  As with any product there may be a small chance of allergic reaction, if you have any known allergies please make your therapist aware immediately.

Menu / Price List

Call 312-292-9646 or E-mail for booking and availabiity

Booking Information


Advanced Booking

Last minute requests may not allow for appropriate preparation or acceptance time, therefore all booking requests must be made 24 hours in advance.  'Day Of' bookings are rarely accepted and may incur an additional fee if accepted.  

Booking Requirements

A valid e-mail address and phone number are essential for booking an appointment. Credit Card information may be required in order to solidify your appointment reservation.  (This does not have to be your form of payment however in order to hold the appointment this information may be deemed necessary).  

Cancellation/Moving Policy

Cancellations must be made 24hours in advance and will incur no penalty. Cancellation requests in under 24 hours may incur a charge up to the full service price.  Certain circumstances will be considered an excused at the discretion of the provider.

Moving appointment requests may be accommodated if made more than 24hours in advance and are subject to time and availability.


Massage/bodywork is not appropriate care for infectious or contagious illness.  This incudes fever, flu and or contagious skin conditions.  Though universal precautions are followed and a sterile cleanly environment is provided, there is the possibility that another individual may be immuno-deficient and more susceptible to illness.

If illness occurs within the 24 hour notice period and cancellation is required, the cancellation fee may be waived.


Life does have a tendency to get in the way of our best attempts to be on time every so often.  Communication is appreciated if you happen to catch yourself running a few minutes behind.  Please understand that appointment times are as scheduled and often times multiple appointments run in succession, this in mind, scheduled start times cannot extend beyond the confirmed time.  Please be respectful and be on time to your appointment.  Appointments 30 minutes late will be considered an abandonment/cancellation of service.


Please arrive a few minutes prior to each visit in order to allow time to complete required forms and receive the full time for each massage.

**Waivers are required for each client on each visit.  Clients will also need to complete a general assessment on the first visit.  Clinical/Medical referrals may require a medical waiver to be reviewed and considered so information may be shared with your provider.

More Information


Client/Provider Relationship

 Services provided are professional in nature.  The space created is a safe and open space meant for healing and welfare. A Comfortable, personable, private and relaxed environment will be provided, Certain personal boundaries are set in play and should these lines be crossed or pushed the relationship may be terminated.  This may include but is not limited to inappropriate discussion (political, religious, sexual to name a few), extreme demands (pushing the limits of established body work that may result in an injury) or inappropriate/disrespectful behavior.   


 Universal Precautions are followed while performing any body work or therapy, this includes providing and maintaining a clean and sterile environment. Aside from the use of Therapeutic grade essential oils and appropriate personal care items, I will do my best to remain free from fragrance body odor and present with a clean and tidy self and space. I would appreciate if clients would maintain the same respect I will be providing for all included in the service and in assisting to maintain a presentable fresh and neutral environment.  

Rates and discounts

Rates are competitive and relevant to services provided.  I do not charge additionally for the adding on or cupping or aromatherapy, nor is there an additional/add on fee for sports or deep tissue work.  All prices are listed on this site, should any changes arise, ample notice will be communicated and this web site will reflect the changes in rate. 

Discounts are not provided, every client is treated with respect and though a reward program may be instated, no additional discounted rates will be made available through outside resources.

What to wear

During the massage you will be full covered in your modest areas at all times, you may choose to wear underwear if you like but for women I reqest the removal of your bra so that I may access your back and shoulder areas without any obstruction.  If you have long hair that you are able to pull up I ask that you bring a pony tail holder.  Jewelry should be removed and stored in a personal safe place, this is more important for necklaces and earrings that dangle.  If we are doing a Medical Massage treatment I may ask that you bring specific clothing.  If you are uncomfortable removing your bottom half of clothing   a 60min upper body treatment can easily accommodate your comfort level.  

Coconut oil is used during the massage and has minimal residue as with other lotions and oils, however with any oils or lotions there is a minimal chance that your personal clothing may absorb a bit of residue.

There is also a probability that oil may get on your neck and into your hairline, if this is an issue please make me aware prior to the massage.

Gift Certificates/Gift Cards

Gift Certificates or Cards are not currently available for purchase. Should this feature be available in the future, this section of the website will update to reflect the parameters and availability.   

Booking Inquiries/Questions

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For Booking inquirines or questions please e-mail or call. I look forward to helping you heal.

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Tuesday mornings are reserved for Avalon Chiropractic Referrals only and may be booked Through Avalon.  

Wed/Thurs are reserved for Chiropractic for Life Referrals and may be booked through Chiropractic for Life **Subject to their pricing

Additional Chiropractic Referral times may be available upon request.

Additional Massage times may be available outside of set business hours.